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Welcome to Our Company. We serve the world of medical science, doctors, and surgeons. We are professional, trustworthy teams of professionals; we are pioneers in the surgical world. We invest in those tools that save lives and make people's lives more comfortable and somewhat less painful. We try our best to give you 100% satisfaction and to meet up your expectations. Our tools are safe to use, and we guarantee the surgical instruments we offer are of the highest grade. According to renowned surgeons, our surgical tools class is unmatched, but don't just believe what we have to say about it. You can see for yourself what our client has to say about the products we offer. The outstanding quality of our surgical tools ensures maximum safety for you and your patients. We know that small details make a real difference in your hands. Therefore, we believe that surgical instruments' production is an art where you have to pay attention to the smallest details.


The Vault Cage system gives adaptability to the surgeons, making the surgical process convenient. The plate cage system allows for tight screw connections, which uses zero profile.

The zero profile helps prevent the damage to the surrounding tissues and provides support, while the big, exposed bone scion area allows for ideal implant suppression. It offers a tremendous intraoperative benefit to the surgeons as well. It has two options for screws, including self-drilling and self-taping. The implant’s combined fastening apparatus stops the screw back out while allowing visual confirmation.


  • The Vault cage system is available in various sizes and shapes
  • Its geometric construction is made correctly as per individual patient anatomy
  • This device provides machinal support to the area during the process of biological fusion


Shurfit cervical interbody cage has a large contact area that enhances the back-body support and reduces subsidence risk. The unique design gives you a proper internal placement, and it is the point where tantalum markers are put; they also help in interbody positioning. The big implant area gives maximum organic exposure to fusion.
The surgeons quickly implement this surgical equipment. Its unique teeth pattern supports the body and the cervical. The ShurFit Anterior Cervical Interbody Cage is available in numerous sizes to adjust changing structures. It helps to match the patient body anatomy.


  • A large contact zone allows the patient to enhance back support and minimize any risk of
  • Large graft area allows exceptional biological coverage
  • Trapezoidal Design gives a proper internal placement
  • Interbody placement is easy due to the tactical placement of Tantalum markers


The Slok screw system is available in regular and cannulated shapes. It is back fixation equipment to provide steadiness and assistant infusion. It also consists of pedicel screws, cross-linkages, and barring caps. All of these parts are available in various sizes and designed to match the anatomy of patients.


  • A new Split saddle design encloses the screw head, which further improves locking
  • The proximal pointed stranded design increases bone/screw boundary, which improves the pull-out strength.
  • Friction fit head enhances the motorized steadiness and helps in placement of rods


The Cypher MS Slok screw system employs a slightly different technique with screws on top, which provides the surgeon slight edge and easy implantation. It allows an ideal screw settlement and minimizes rod management. It helps in rod placement.


  • Cypher Translation Screw
  • Translation Screw Technology
  • Less rod handling and easy rod insertion
  • Vigorous implant interface increases confidence throughout the surgical procedure
  • Screw towers which are joined with the screws through a simple mechanism, with a tributary locking apparatus to stop the intra-operative release


The simple SOLO internal cervical plate system is ideal to better a slim midline approach in ADFC surgery. A middle path is ideal in centered screw placement. It reduces the side withdrawal of lax tissue structures and improving after operation imagining of the fusion spot.
It provides a secure mechanism and allows for easy adjustment during surgical procedures. The Slimplicity SOLO Anterior Cervical Plate comes with adjustable screw selections ideal in any surgical procedure.


  • Low profile plate
  • One-step locking system
  • It has both the variable and fix the screw option to adjust in the different surgical process